Turbo Espresso

My task was to create a branding for a small espresso stand that hopes to grow itself into a small chain. The owners Dan & Denise wanted to change the existing logo to something that incorporated their love of cars...specifically Buick Grand Nationals. The challenge was still making it appealing to their coffee drinking, largely female clientele. 

I incorporated the yellow and reddish orange that is the grand national colors with the warm coffee brown to lend the coffee feel and to soften the more sporty lines of the logo. Dan & Denise really wanted a turbo included into their concept so that was added to the "o" in turbo. Further detail was added by playing off of the angular properties of the turbo and adding those to the "T" in Turbo and drawing out the top of the T.  This help created a fresh modern logo that has a sporty feel but without that appeals to male and female coffee drinkers.

This project has lead to stamp cards, promotional products, exterior signage, rubber stamps, t shirts.


June 2015


Dan & Denise Huffman - Turbo Espresso


Graphic Designer